Hospital Management System
Greenstar HMS software is a leader in information technology (IT) and end-user interface services for hospitals and health systems. We create value for clients through customized IT solutions that contribute to improving the patient experience while lowering healthcare costs. From implementing emerging technologies to supporting day-to-day IT operations, Greenstar offers clients expert health information technology services.
How HMS Can Help

HMS Software strives to be the undisputed expert source for the 21st-century healthcare information technology services that help deliver better care and a better experience for patients, doctors, clinicians, administrators and the community.

Patient Registration Module

Allow Patients to Register Admin Approval System For Patient

Doctor Module

Can Manage Patient Data Write Prescription to patient Dashboard with Appointment Calendar Single Screen to get Patient treatment details

Lab Module

Log Lab Report for Each Patient Upload Report and Write Findings Manage Blood Bank

General Settings

Admin has full rights in the system Admin creates doctor, nurse, patient & other users Manage complete Hospital Operation

Nurse Module

Can Manage Patient Data Assign – Allocate bed to Patient Monitor Patient Condition with notes – Log Can Manage Blood bank and Ambulance Module